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Can’t raise all of your deposit?


through this “up to 15% deposit paid” system

Are you living in a rented property and watching your money go down the drain every month? You’re not alone – millions of people in the UK are living in rented property because they can’t raise the deposit for the mortgage they need to buy their own homes, especially with the credit crunch making it even harder to qualify for finance.



But did you know all those people could be living in their own properties right now if only they knew about depositpaidproperties.com – the easy way to buy a property without needing a full deposit?


Our unique (part) deposit paid property ownership system is helping people all over the UK buy their own homes.



depositpaidproperties.com is for people who:


• Are first time buyers struggling to raise a deposit


• Aren’t able to provide a big enough deposit to get their required mortgage


• Simply, would rather not pay a full deposit - unless they have to!



Does that sound like you?



Act now and be the first to find out what properties are available in your area.

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Just imagine - in a very short time, with the depositpaidproperties.com system,

you could soon be living happily in your own home!


To get started - fill in the enquiry form on the right, NOW.

Or perhaps they’re looking to up or down size their home but are struggling with the sheer size of deposits required.


This home ownership system is for everyone - whether you’re a first time buyer, or simply up or down sizing!

(minimum available deposit required £3000 - £5000)

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